Love Notes Witty Pack displayed in white wooden tray with red rose petas and greenery.
Choose your favorite Love Notes. Decks explained by mood and theme: Witty, FLirty, SMitten, Anniversary, Positive Impact Cards for Teens and Tweens
Sample of Witty Love Notes messages.
Sample of Flirty Love Notes messages.
Sample of Anniversary  Love Notes messages.
Sample of Smitten Love Notes messages.
Positive Impact Love Notes Pack. Uplifting words for teens and tweens.
Three types of Love Notes: Love Note Card, Prompt Card and GIfting Card.
Love Notes Smitten Pack close up
Love Notes Flirty Pack close up. Did you shave today? Lucky you, so did I!
Love Notes Smitten Pack close up. Sitting next to you doing nothing means everything to me
Love Notes Witty Pack flat lay display.
I love you more than peanut butter cups

Love Notes™ Message Packs with Rose Petals

Ivory Homestead

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Say I love you when they least expect it with Love Notes™ message packs.

Love Notes™ Sets Include:

  • Deck of 32 cards
  • (22 Love Note, Prompt & Gifting Cards set + 7 Bonus Scratch Off and From the Heart Cards, 3 Instructional Cards)
  • rose petals
  • red burlap sachet for safekeeping cards and storing rose petals

Energize your relationship and let them know you care.  These cards say I love you in humorous, romantic, spicy, and sentimental ways. Offered in different tones depending on your mood, communication style and personality: Witty, Smitten, Flirty, and Anniversary- plus, Positive Impact Cards for teens and tweens. Be spontaneous! Leave Love Notes™ cards in unexpected places for them to find. Add a personal touch to make it yours- add a lipstick kiss, spray with perfume, write a message or leave with a small gift.

    Five Themes:

    • WITTY- humorous, sarcastic, lighthearted and fun
    • SMITTEN- romantic, devoted and vibrant
    • FLIRTY- spicy, unabashed and complimentary *ideal for intimate relationships, our Best Seller
    • ANNIVERSARY- sentimental, grateful and dreaming
    • POSITIVE IMPACT for TEENS & TWEENS- affirmations, trust and love

    Love Notes™ decks are PG-rated and cover love languages in fun ways while still being classy. There is no foul language, but be aware the best-selling Flirty Pack is written for intimate relationships.


    Fun Ideas where to leave Love Notes™ and Positive Impact Cards: 

    Pant pocket, gym bag, lunchbox, wallet, inside shoe, under the car visor, keyboard, replace bookmark, toiletry bag, vehicle rearview mirror or steering wheel, sock drawer, briefcase, on their pillow, and MORE!

    Love Notes™ originated from our founder's own story of leaving love notes for her husband throughout their relationship. Small acts of thoughtfulness have power! Love Notes makes it easy to say I love you and reignite the flame of meaning and passion.  Share your love all year long. You may be surprised by the difference it makes. Commit, make it yours and have fun!



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